And if you could talk to your 12-year-old yourself by the time you have reached middle age, what would you do? We have asked ourselves this very often let’s admit it but never like last Friday, when on the big platform N he’s out “The Adam Project”.

An absolute protagonist, Ryan Reynoldswhich takes us on an exciting journey through time to rediscover himself, with a typically hilarious and never boring heroic-comic role, ready as always to destroy every moment of pure action and suspense.

The Adam project: a journey into emotions

This is “The Adam Project”, An exciting action comedy, in which the action part is only the background to give space to a sentimental journey to rediscover one’s roots and one’s parents. It is no coincidence that this happens right on the threshold of the protagonist’s 50 years, the moment in which we understand, often at our expense, that an extra hug to our parents would have made a difference. We will never be so lucky, especially if time is not on our side and makes us aware too late. If ever anyone could have such a chance though, Ryan Reynolds interprets the perfect way to grab it on the fly.

The “Adam project”Is an adventure defined by some as well known and never boring, which adds nothing new to what has already been seen over the years. Perhaps it is not the masterpiece we expected but, also thanks to the participation of actors like Mark Ruffalo (as Adam’s father) e Jennifer Garner (as the mother), together again after “30 years in a second”, This film manages to entertain audiences of every generation

The Adam Project: Plot, Easter Eggs, and Multiverse

Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) aboard a private and futuristic jet, in full Guardians of the Galaxy style, starts from his time, 2050, to return to 2018, prevent a great betrayal, find a loved one, and thus change the fate of his future. All beautiful yes, until, in full Back to the Future style, Adam does not realize that he has mistaken time coordinates, until he finds himself in 2022, with a sassy 12-year-old himself (Walker Scobell).

Right from the start we delve into the maze of quotations with the little one Adam armed with flashlight and dog in the woods like E.T O Stranger Thingsof the Easter Egg, and first of all of the “multiverse“. In short, we are watching Hulk e Deadpool playing father and son:

“The multiverse is a concept we know terribly little about”

He also knows it well Shawn Levywhich together with typical atmospheres of Stranger Thingsof which he produced six episodes not by chance, he inserts Easter Eggs, so loved by cinephiles or in this case by “Marvelliani”. Think of the stickers of Deadpool e Hulk in the toolbox opened by Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo: “Great Jupiter!”

The most important ones are perhaps those addressed to “Back to the future”, the 80s saga with Micheal J. Fox e Cristopher Lloyd. Maybe the cinema has learned to anticipate the viewer or the critic in its reviews, maybe it does it just for the sake of it, or maybe the director himself is a fan of that saga, but the intent of quotes like these is definitely that. to withstand the inevitable confrontation that will creep into the viewer’s mind. The moment when i due Adam I’m in front of the Motel “Pine Ridge“Is probably a reference to the great 80s saga, when Marty goes back to the past and cuts down the pines that gave the name to”Twin Pines Mall“. But the similarities are many: the error of entering coordinates in the incipit of the film, the couple of protagonists listlessly complicit in a relationship of mutual need that will lead them to the discovery and rediscovery of themselves and the clichévery avoidable, of survival to bully not bully.

But what differentiates “The Adam Project” gives “Back to the Future“Completely exonerating him from any unfounded accusation of copying, is emotionality. The feeling, the emotion and the affection found for oneself are the focal points of this film, what allows the viewer to get excited on more than one occasion and to let out loud laughter in many others. A great journey to discover these feelings for which great credit also goes to the little one Walker Scobella novice actor but able to stand alongside one of the greatest, attesting to the American directors the ability, not everyone, to always find the right children for a particular role.

The Adam Project is the brand of the comic anti-hero

Ryan Reynolds is now known for his roles in action comedies, especially after that Deadpool. Fortunately, unlike many other actors, he never tires. His sardonic and sarcastic expression that destroys all the most intense moments of a scene is now something we cannot do without, a real brand, something that saves regardless of a film and that at the same time makes you lose every possibility. to Ryan to be taken seriously. It would be nice to see ours Ryan into something more “serious” in the future and discover an unknown side, a bit like with Matthew McConaughey so to speak, isn’t it? Could it also be for this reason that Ryan took a break from work? Or is it just to be with his family?

Finally, the plot of “The Adam Project”Is a bit sparse in some places, but Levy it gets rid of all those well and quickly cliché too highlighted (one among many the super building of the super villain). Everything is resolved a little too quickly and the attention to detail is not the best. But come on, we’re not looking Dark O Predestinationif the young Adam’s hair is blonde and Adam’s big brown, and the dog is different in the time jumps we are not interested in the least, we are watching a journey in the company of great actors, which fascinates the little ones with lightsabers and excites those adults who perhaps no longer have time to recover.


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