This year the distillery is celebrating its 30th anniversary – not necessarily relaxed. Because there are some changes that you can help with.

First of all: Happy Birthday from glad glad. And a huge respect for this long time. There are hardly any clubs that have existed for so long and continue to enjoy such a good reputation in the club scene.

As great as the cause for celebration is, so are the challenges the distillery is facing now and in the near future. The club can remain at its current location on Kurt-Eisener-Straße until the end of February 2023 – after that it will be over there.

Since the ambitious future project Gleisdreieck, in which the distillery will receive a new, long-term, secure home base, will drag on for a few more years, the club needs an interim location. And it already exists: Exhibition Hall 7 at the Old Leipzig Trade Fair.

Preparations for moving there are already underway – and the first pictures look very promising and indicate an ambience in the GDR minimalism of the 1970s.

In addition to the club, there will also be rehearsal rooms and studios for local musicians in the future.

However, there is still a lot to be built at the location. Among other things, a new ventilation system is required.

Not a small financial item – and here you are asked: The Distillery has started a crowdfunding campaign on Startnext with which they want to collect 50,000 euros – so that there will be enough fresh air in the club and in the other rooms in the future.

So, if you would like to support the Distillery and make a contribution to the preservation of an important part of Leipzig’s club culture, then get involved – either with a donation or by getting Distillery merch in return. The campaign runs until January 20, 2023.

Bild-Credit: Distillery


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