When you think – if anyone besides me thinks about this kind of thing – about the music of Cincinnati, Ohio, basically three groups come to mind: Afghan Whigs, National and, of course, Isley Brothers (ok, Master Jedi, you can say that there are countless good bands there. I don’t know).

The thing is that thought doesn’t always reach reality, and the reality is that there is currently a badass music scene in the land of Greg Dully, which encompasses garage and psychedelia, punk and post-punk, noise and industrial, kraut and dub, indie and gothic darkness; and in the middle of this basket there is a cat that takes almost everything I mentioned, to a greater or lesser extent, and thus creates his music. The guy’s name is Dylan McCartney, and his band/project is called The Drin.

From what I know, the guy started composing and recording in 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 killer ride, probably a little scared, crazy and desperate, like we all were. He made his first records obviously alone and isolated, and as he didn’t die or go crazy he continued with Drin until he joined other crazy people from the Cincinnati underground scene last year and at the beginning of this 2023 he released his first album with other musicians accompanying him. . With you, Today My Friend You Drunk The Venom.

If I had to put a single label on the album to ‘facilitate its recognition’ I would use post-punk, due to the endless range of sound references placed under this roof built in the 70s, and if I had to mention a ‘mood’, it would be dark. Okay, now you have the mine map and just dig hahaha. Here are fragments of Bauhaus, Oh Sees, Sonic YouthThrobbing Gristle, Fall and a lot of other good things that McCartney and co. they mix to form a trefoil mass that in person must be the pure and delicious cream of chaos.

Now that the picture is given, turn up the volume and listen to this stop on the stem. And remember: in the underworld, things really happen.

Safe trip!

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2023/10/19/the-drin-today-my-friend-you-drunk-the-venom-2023/

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