The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA; Hollywood Foreign Press Association), made up of 93 non-U.S. members, suffered a severe blow in 2021, after being engulfed in a scandal over an LA Times article revealing that the HFPA did not include members of color, and had suspicion of unethical conduct.

The articles resulted in a boycott of the 2022 ceremony, with Tom Cruise even returning the three Golden Globes he has won throughout his career, and caused NBC to refuse to broadcast the current year’s gala.

Now, the media THR confirms that The Golden Globes will return to their regular broadcast on NBC for the 2023 ceremony.

The television network has broadcast the awards since 1996, with the exception of 2018 when they were broadcast on NBCUniversal, and last year where there was no live broadcast, although the organization did carry the awards show off the air, although no talent or media attended. The chain has the emission rights until the year 2026.

The medium reveals that Golden Globes 2023 will air live on Tuesday, January 10changing its historic Golden Globes Sunday. The foregoing as a result of the fact that the first Sunday in January is January 1st, and the following is January 8th, regular season of the NFL (Sunday Night Football), and the third It is January 15 that belongs to the broadcast of the Critics Choice Awards 2023.

According to the THR report: “The HFPA quickly began passing major reforms, including banning members from accepting gifts and removing a cap on new members, allowing it to add 21 new members, six of them black, but about a quarter of its own members voted against the changes, while a couple of others questioned the sincerity of the organization and resigned. Additionally, none of the incumbent members were removed from the organization by the implementation of what were heralded as more stringent accreditation standards.”

“Eighteen months after the LA Times exposure, the HFPA is still considered by many in Hollywood to be ethically bleak.”


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