As a “reward” for their support, PCP partners receive, as often as we would like (nervous laughs) a special mixtape, which tells a specific musical story through songs, be it about a scene, an artist, an event, etc.

Today we share one of these mixtapes with all readers, to show that it is worth collaborating with the campaign and valuing our work, made over a decade ago with a lot of love and passion.

From Jesus To Jesus Before And Beyond is the first of these selections, and shows in 13 songs some of the influences, correlates/contemporaries and bastard children of the Reid brothers, from Bo Didley to A Place to Bury Strangers, passing through AR Kane and Loop.

That said, turn up the volume, press and play and if you can, join the Catarse campaign. We appreciate it ❤️


Jesus – Upside down

Bo Didley – Hey! Bo Didley

Ronettes – Be my baby

Velvet Underground – Run, run, run

Suicide – Ghost rider

Jesus – Who do you love (Bo Didley cover)

A.R. Kane – When you’re sad

Spacemen 3 – Losing touch with my mind

Loop – 16 dreams

Jesus – Little red rooster (Howlin’ wolf cover)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Spread your love

Raveonettes – Attack of the ghost rider

A Place to Bury Strangers – To fix the gash in your head

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