Do you remember that classic story about school friends who enjoy music together and decide to form a band? Laila Hashemi and Staz Lindes are living examples of this rock narrative.

They started playing together when they were still brats and in 2015, when they called Lexi Funton and David Ruiz to thicken the soup and add to it the influences of the quartet, Paranoyds was formed, the favorite band of life in the last week here at PCP (laughs).

They rose quickly in the alternative/diy/whatever scene of Cidade dos Anjos, in the year following their birth they were already releasing an EP and going on tour with DIIV; in 2017 they recorded another EP until in 2019 they arrived with their first full album, released via Suicide Squeeze. Ladies and gentlemen, with you, Carnage bargain.

The album has ten tracks and when you press play on “Face first”, the first of them, you can’t stop listening to it until the end with “Ratboy”. And then it starts again. Well, at least that’s how it was with me.

New wave, punk rock bubblegum, indie 90’s and garage rock mixed in uneven doses are the alloy of Carnage bargain, and nothing more needs to be said about it. Okay, maybe it’s worth noting that the supernatural presence of the Mudhoney in “Hungry Sam” and in the aforementioned “Ratboy”, but that in no way discredits the debut of Paranoyds, on the contrary. Oh, and if you liked the Sweeping Memories girls debutstick to the grid that this ride is right for you.

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