I have few certainties in this silly life of mine, and two of them are:
1) if this eponymous debut album by the Raincoats were released today, exactly on March 15, 2023, it would be considered a challenging album, ‘off the curve’.
2) if you play it for a fucking indie-hipster to listen to for the first time and ask him when it’s from, he’ll reply that it came out last week with the new Shame album.

Because this firecracker that came to the world at the beginning of Rough Trade, in 1979, keeps in itself all the rawness and aggressiveness of punk and extra-four chord experiences of the post-punk of the time, but just like the debute do Television Personalities and some other contemporaries points towards the future, influencing an entire generation that would be born in the coming years.

Dissonances, fractured rhythms, accordion, folk, everything is part of the anarchic recipe of Gina Birch, Ana da Silva and co. in Raincoats, the disc. If these and other forms of crossover are natural today, much is due to them, which captured the ‘do it yourself’ spirit and embodied it in a body without a defined shape that would give rise to some of the most interesting things done in rock from then on.


Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2023/03/15/the-raincoats-the-raincoats-1979/

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