The big horror hit of 20219, Ready or Notis preparing to return with a sequel, Ready or Not 2which was officially announced a couple of weeks ago, with Adam Robitel as director, and the return of the charismatic Samara Weaving in a leading role.

Robitel is the director of Escape Roomthe sequel Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, Insidious: The Last Keyy The Taking of Deborah Logan.

The most recent news comes to us from the middle EWwho interviewed Tyler Gillett y Matt Bettinelli-Olpinthe co-directors of the first installment, who advance the following about the sequel:

This is being resolved. That's what we'll say: Ready or Not 2 is being resolved. What we can say is that there is a script that is fucking incredible as an absolute sequel. And however it is done, and in whatever capacity we help to do it, we are very excited that it is happening.”

I don't think we knew after making [Ready or Not] that there would be so much story left to tell. We are very proud of what that first film is, we are very proud of what the sequel will be. “We are very excited and we have our fingers crossed that it gets done.”

And with Searchlight and Samara, they won't let you down“.

Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett are on board the project as producers alongside Chad Villella, the three making up Radio Silence.

The first film focused its plot on Grace (Weaving), a young woman who marries into a rich clan who wishes to defend the traditions of her ancestors. Particularly, those of their patriarchal board game tycoon, whose violent legacy is preserved by the current family members, who play a different, randomly selected children's game every time a stranger joins their family through marriage.

As Grace joins her husband's eccentric family, their wedding night takes a sinister turn when the traditional celebration turns into a terrifying and deadly game of hide and seek, where everyone fights to survive, Well, this is the only game that, according to the history of the Le Domas family, always ends in death. Mythology explains that this is based on a deal the Le Domas family made with the devil many decades earlier.

The film made $57 million at the worldwide box office, against a budget of $6 million.


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