Contemporary dance goes pretty well with techno, cyborgs, and asking about the state of your own body. We report on a dance piece that you as fans of experimental electronic music should not miss.

Subcultural influences

Everyone who is interested in contemporary dance and performance in Leipzig is familiar with Post-organic Bauplan. For three years Autotomiea trilogy, tested, danced, performed and further developed in various acts in Leipzig, Berlin and Hildesheim.

The makers Josefina Maro (choreographer and performance artist) and Salvador Marino (evolutionary biologist and multimedia artist) from Argentina have been researching and living in Leipzig since 2017 and have been involved in shaping the city’s cultural life ever since.

And it is not only in the audience and the fans of the dance collective that there are overlaps with Leipzig’s subculture and techno scene – one of the performers in this year’s edition of the trilogy is dancer and activist Elle Fierce. We already introduced Elle to you at the Balance / Club Culture Festival. The music for the performance is technoid-electronic-experimental and comes from Bungalovv.

Robots, experience, disembodiment – and modern dance

In terms of content, the piece can probably best be described with this logline: In the interplay of analogue, robotic and digital elements, performers build up an identical physicality on stage with holograms and robotic prostheses.

Und: „Through the experimentation with robotic prostheses we want to embody a Post-organic Bauplan that could enable us to escape from a system that tries to homogenize us.“

inspiration and perspective

The performance is inspired by biological phenomena (as the collective name suggests), namely that some parasitic plants can create a chimeric tissue in which the bodies of the host and parasite are indistinguishable. Autotomy describes a defense strategy that is a characteristic behavior of certain animals, to voluntarily part with parts of one’s own body in order to survive.

The trilogy is based on the creation of fictional landscapes and narratives that blend elements of science fiction, posthumanism, life sciences, dance and robotics.


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