In 1980 Geoff Travis wanted to show the world, or more specifically the USA, what was happening musically in England, more specifically in London, and more specifically at Rough Trade, the record company he founded 4 years earlier.

To this end, Geoff brought together 14 tracks from 14 bands born during or shortly after the punk hurricane that were in his cast, and thus one of, if not the Fight best post-punk compilation of all time, Wanna buy a bridge ?.

‘Ah’, someone might retort, ‘if you’re going to search there must be something else and’… no friendship, there isn’t a compilation that brings together Television Personalities, Essential Logic, Scritti Politti, Slits (rereading “Man next door”, which Massive Attack also re-recorded in Mezzanine), Kleenex, Swell Maps, etc.; that starts with both feet on the chest to the sound of “Alternative ulster”, by the wonderful Stiff Little Fingers (was anyone there at their show at Hangar 110?) and ends with a version of the communist Robert Wyatt for “At last I am free” , by Chic.

Unfortunately (laughs) there is only one playlist of the album on the network made by Rough Trade itself on spotifalho, but if you are also not a user of this streaming service, we will stick our necks out and put a 320kbps version on the wheel to download.



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