It seems incredible, but 2023 is also coming to an end and today, as we enter December, we want to advise you on what to see at Christmas with these 5 new releases not to be missed. December, covers, hot chocolate, Netflix and Home Alone. Just by mentioning these things we smell the scent of Christmas sweets and, even if we will probably only see snow in our dreams, we enter the most magical month of the year.

Because December is a bit as if it were the film of our lives, where the protagonists are the usual Christmas films, which we will always watch silently on the sofa.

Today we at MovieBlog want to recommend 5 streaming releases to watch in December 2023, making it clear, however, that films like “An Armchair for Two”, “Miracle on 34th Street” and many others are a must have that transcends this list .

What to see at Christmas 2023: Berlin

Netflix – next December 29th, will be released on the streaming platform, one of the most anticipated spin-offs/prequels ever. Pedro Alfonso returns as Berlin as well as one of the key characters of one of the most promiscuous series for Netflix, “The paper house”. There aren't many things we know about this new series, but in fact we don't need many details on the plot; those behind the advertising campaign know this well. All we need to know is that Andrés de Fonollosa, will return to the screens, telling the story of his life before being enlisted by the Professor for the heist of the century.

Merry Christmas from Candy Cane Lane: the comedy we deserve

Prime Video – December 1, 2023. Millennials, Zillennials, Generation X, but also the rest of the world's population! Hurry to Prime Video because Eddie Murphy's latest comedy is already out. Yes, you understood correctly. Chris (Murphy) wants to win the town's Christmas decorating contest at all costs. For this, he makes a pact with an Elf (Peppe) who however begins to sow chaos throughout the city. Our dear protagonist will therefore have to try to interrupt the Christmas spell together with his family. Ahhhh, can you smell 1998? We do, and we run to enjoy this film with a nice hot chocolate under the tire.

OGod Christmas 2: the Italian series returns to Netflix

Netflix – inext December 7th the second season of. will finally be released “I hate Christmas”. This new Italian gem, adaptation of the Norwegian series “Christmas with a stranger” sees Gianna (Pilar Folgiati) having to face yet another single Christmas after breaking up with her boyfriend. The first season, she left us in suspense and Gianna herself, breaking the fourth wall as always, told us that she would not reveal the identity of whoever had knocked on her door. The synopsis of the second season still includes 6 episodes, in which Gianna is no longer single, but a serious rift looms in her relationship. Can Christmas be repaired with a little magic? We will only know next December 7th.

The Crown 6 parte 2

Netflix – December 14, 2023. The second part of the last season of a series that boasts as many Golden Globes as its cast is about to arrive, even if the first part of this last season recorded a lower approval rating than the previous one. There isn't much to say, just wait another week to see this latest season, which covers the entire time span of Tony Blair's mandate (1997 – 2005)

The World Behind You: the new thriller with Julia Roberts

Netflix – December 8, 2023. A film starring Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke will be released on the “big N” platform. These names alone promise us a great film, supported by a plot full of drama and thrillers: a family vacation on Long Island is interrupted by two strangers. A menacing blackout looms over the town as two families must decide how to survive the crisis, facing a world on the brink of collapse.

Well, now we can't say that we won't know what to see at Christmas, the material is there and for all tastes. See you soon with reviews of the above-mentioned films, hoping they meet our expectations.


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